Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mtn Fixie!!

I'm pretty stoked today, I rode my 2nd fixie to work. This one is a bargain bin (recycling yard) special with total cost being $35.00 CDN. That was for the rear track cog and a new chain.

The frame was one I picked up a few weeks ago and knew it would be a great little fixie for winter. It's a 80's Raleigh Tange 5 lugged frame. I haven't measured the frame size yet but fits me quite well. I really scored with the handlebars, their a beautiful set of Raleigh aluminum bars with the logo etched onto them. I had wanted a set of riser bars like this to cut down, but when I saw how nice these ones were, I could bring myself to touch them with the hacksaw. Even the Seat post is nicely fluted. The wheels are not that great, so I decided to take them apart and re-lace them with a twist. I think I'll be truing these for the first several rides, as I can hear them creaking when I wax on it to go and stop. Skidding has proven very difficult with this bike. I think it's because I running a fairly low 38/17 combo. The cranks were with this bike as well as the chain wheel. I tested out the 48T chain wheel, but I want this bike low for drudging through deep snow.

As I mentioned it was a budget bike, I simply used the rear free-wheel hub and secured the track cog with an English bottom bracket and I am amazed at how secure it is! I've tried stopping it loose on the pedals, and it won't budge. The rear tires were off of a bike I picked up from the recycle yard that was a piece of crap, but had good tires. Took off the tires, through the rest of the bike out. I even re-used the inner-tubes! Cheep, Cheep, Cheep. I paid $550.00 for the wheel set on my first fixie, so I wanted this to be as extreme of a contrast in regard to the project as I could get.

Riding so far has been great and I think that this will serve it's purpose very well. A few more weeks and I should have everything set up just the way I want it. Soon, I'll post a picture up on FGG, my all-time favorite website.

Anyways, all have a great day and ride on!!


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