Friday, March 23, 2007

Back Home

Not me, the geese. It's a sure sign of spring when the Canadian Geese are honking around town again. I love seeing them come back. Soon, they'll have their young waddling behind them in a big train learning how to swim and all that stuff. The path that I usually take to work is right beside this small natural lake, and it seems to be a hot spot for geese. Some days, I have to get off my bike (or stop running) to let them cross the path. I dig it. It seems to make seasons more noticeably when you see them come back, the young grow big and then they take off again in the fall.
While I was at it I thought I'd snap a few pics of the Bianchi. Hopefully I'll get some better pics of the geese, but this was as close as my zoom would take me.

Enjoy your ride today!


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