Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bianchi Update

Well, I've made a few changes to the old Bianchi (newer to me) my beloved bike that cost me $0.00. I put on a set of 28 tires instead of the 38s that I had on there and they make quite a difference. I've bought a cheep set, and I am just trying to find out what set up I want to go with. When I found the bike, it had 32s on, but I thought I wouldn't mind going a little narrower if it gave me a little less rolling resistance.
I took an old set of drop bars and with the aid of my brazing torch, mustered up something that resembles the on-one midge bars. That was the goal, and without having a set of real midge bars, I think I came pretty close. For the first ride to work, they're working out okay. Still not convinced that this will be the final set up, as the reach to the bars is still a little too aggressive for what I am building this up to be.
I'm trying to make a long distance commuter, with the anticipation that I might be moving, and if everything works out and we do move, I'll have a 24 mile commute each way! I'm really looking forward to it. It'll be a lot more than the 3 miles I have now (but now I do go home for lunch which brings my daily mileage up to 12) and I'm stoked. Since almost all of it will be on highway, I don't know how it's going to work in the winter, but I'll deal with that later.
A new rack from MEC and some planet bike fenders and this bad boy is rolling quite nicely. After lunch today was the first that I was able to take this out as the road are finally free from ice and slush. It's amazing how much more efficient these rode bike are than than mountain counterparts. Noticeable immediately and quite enjoyable when you've been stuck commuting on a old mtn bomber.

This bike might be almost done now. I think the only things left in my mind that could use help would be the bars or the bar/stem combo. We'll see. Rivendell has some stems and bars that are tempting me seriously right now. We'll see.

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