Thursday, April 26, 2007

Good Morning

The weather is getting sweet now! Today was such a great ride to work, I almost kept on going. I've battled a cold and I'm sure I could have call in well, as Tim might have done. Maybe I should have. When I got to work, I was glad I didn't. There were 4 other bikes, taking my bike parking space! We've got loads of indoor bike parking space, but was I ever shocked to see that 4 others had ridden their bikes to work. Even last summer, I was the only one who ever rode a bike to work. And now, for the last several days, there has been 3 of us riding in regularly, but now 5! That's over 10% of our humble workforce! Talk about excellence!

I'm working with some co-workers drawing up plans on some renovations and additions we plan to do in our office, and it's even been brought up that we should think about bike parking! I'm stoked.

Anyway, these pics below show the great weather we're having and man is riding to work getting sweeter every day. I'm going to try to grab a group photo at coffee of all of us riders, just because this is worth celebrating!!


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