Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm Hungry writting about this

Don’t know why I posting this, but who cares. I ate some incredible food this weekend!! My wonderful wife is an amazing cook and she woke up early Saturday morning to fix this breakfast. Breakfast bread pudding (like French toast but baked and with raisins and other stuff in it) syrup baked bacon (she cooked the bacon and then brushed syrup on it and caramelized by leaving it in the oven some more) and finally, roasted cherry tomatoes fried with fresh basil and some other herbs that I don’t know about. At to this some kicking horse ‘Kick Ass’ coffee, and this is one of the better breakfast meals I’ve ever had. I was smiling all day long after this!!! Thanks to my great wife!! Soon I’m sure I’ll be 350 lbs.

For lunch that day, I took some home made bread my wife made and built a roast beef sandwich. As I said my wife is an amazing cook, so there were no deli order cold cuts here. We’re talking Alberta Beef, roasted and put on a sandwich! Add a little spinach, cheddar cheese and honey mustard and Badia (a spice mix we found in Grand Cayman) and oh my goodness is there a better sandwich out there? I can’t say I’ve found it (and I am always looking)! Totally not bike related but totally excellent! I love food.


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