Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Non-bike related weekend

Well, this past long weekend was a bit of a crazy one. I ended up working Friday and taking Monday off. Thought it would be a great start to a long weekend to watch the Flames kick some heiny on the Edmonton Oilers (I was born and raised in Calgary so I have a chemical imbalance in my head that makes me really hate Edmonton!! If you’re from Calgary, you’ll know what I’m talking about.) I was a bit more than disappointed with that game! About half way into the 2nd period they announced (in the middle of play!) that Nashville had defeated the Colorado Avalanche. To that the crowds came undone. The roar lasted for close to a minute, with standing ovations. I think the Flames took this to mean that they didn’t have to play anymore. They did take it that way. Edmonton is currently a team that you beat. Not that you get beaten by. They’ve lost something like 17 of their last 20 games!!! Very disappointing to see the Flames give up and make me spend perfectly good money on tickets to watch them relax. I’m still a little miffed. Oilers, you suck, but we shouldn’t have felt so sorry for you. You come by it honestly.
Sunday, after church, I headed over to my sisters place for Easter dinner (the first one of the day) and got a chance to drive my mom’s new (frame off restoration) 1956 T-Bird. It’s a pretty sweet ride I tell you. Small though. My knees come to the center of the steering wheel and I think that after about 20 minutes, I’d be cramping up.

(That's me shoe-horned into this little car)

After that dinner was done, we headed out to the lake for dinner # 2. Cruise down the hi-way, making the 1 hour drive we were all of a sudden jumped by a fox!! I think it was a mistake for him to jump right in front of us. He lost. I think he must have been running from something, because it seems that instantly he was in front of me, and instantly under me. I’ve made some pretty desperate saves when deer jump out in front of my, but never have I had and incident happen this fast. I turned around to make sure it wasn’t a farm dog, and sure enough, as this picture shows, it was a fox. RIP little buddy.
Later on down that road, a set of harrows lost a wheel, ended up passing the half ton that was towing them, and stopped blocking off the entire road. Nice. We did little 4 X 4ing in the mini van and carried on our way.
All in all, a pretty weird weekend. Good news, everyone is safe and I even got to pick up some new tires and a beauty aluminum rack for my Bianchi project bike. I’ll have some pics of that up soon. Hopefully ya’ll had a good weekend.


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