Friday, April 13, 2007

Numbers are growing

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day. First, yesterday morning Ido rode his bike in to work! He said he was going to for a while and now that he's settled in his new house, he did. Being from Holland, you think it would only be natural for him to ride his bike. Later that day, his daughters (who clean the offices here) rode their bikes to work also! That's a grand total of 4 people out of the 40 are work. 10% of us road our bikes today!!

It's a dream of mine to get as many people riding their bikes to work as possible, and this was a taste of what realizing that dream might be like.

Today, Ido rode his bike again. If he and I keep regularly riding our bikes, that would be 5% of us that commute by bike at our company. I think that's not too bad. Brendan (who I helped build up a bike) is riding his bike to tech school right now and will soon be back to work and riding to work. Also, Jon told me yesterday that we would like me to set him up with a bike to ride to work! I think that we might realistically meet the 10% of our company riding to work on a regular basis.


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