Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I was picking up some groceries in Calgary last night and on the back of the receipt that we got from Safeway, check out this coupon.
You can save $300.00 on a brand new vehicle just by bringing in this coupon! What a deal! I can't believe that we live in such a pathetic consumeristic state that by advertising on the back of a grocery receipt, the car dealership might just make a sale. I think that cyclist by nature, tend to be a little more level headed and realize that you don't need everything that's pushed on you, and you can make do quite well with less. That's not to say that we couldn't all be idiots just like other people and buy all kinds of new crapy vehicles. I would say that a huge number of cyclists who ride their bikes could drive very nice, expensive cars, and many of them are not riding for financial reasons. It is a huge benefit, but I think that relying more on bikes is to most cyclists a responsible, conscious decision. The banks love everyone to borrow their money. The dumber, the better. This just hit me in a real way, how pathetic our reliance on cars, and always having the latest and great one has become.

Me, I rode my fixed gear bike that I found at the recycling yard and frankly, I probably had a much better trip to work, than fudgy puff who saved $300.00 on his brand new SUV.

A side note: Brendon is back from school, and as I had hoped, he's racked quite a few miles on the bike I re-built for him! It feels good when you help others to realize the joys of cycling and them seeing that it is a viable method of transportation. Ride on!


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