Wednesday, May 09, 2007


If FGG wasn't a big enough distraction at work, I've just created another one for myself. Usually I park my bike just outside of the lunch room at the bottom of the stairs that lead up to my office. Right now, they are doing some additions here (including a new office for me! Yippee! Yippee!) As a result, there's a little dust and dirt floating around, as well as they would end up moving my bike, and goodness knows they don't understand that you can't just lean the speed demon against any wall, all willy-nilly. So, I brought my bike up to my office. Problem is, my computer is in the opposite direction, and it makes it really hard to write emails while looking behind me. Oh well. I am enjoying the view.



this verdant country said...

holy shit you're saddle is up there.

Jerome said...

I know. I bought this in my infancy of road biking, before I knew there were such bikes as nice Rivendell, fixies single speeds and the such. I thought those good old road bikes were gone. I've dedicated this as my racing bike, only problem....I don't race. Other bikes at least. I have beaten 3 cars on it though. I passed them at 70km/hr with a scookem tail wind. I must say that I do appreciate the finer bikes (steel, brooks saddles, shellacked grips etc) a little more than this, but it's one that I've got, and I hate to neglect any bike in the fold. I certain do admire your bikes! Very classy. Cheers.

rigtenzin said...

It's fun to ride a fast bike. Don't feel guilty about it. After packing down my commuting bike with fenders, bags, and lights it becomes sluggish compared to an unladen bike.

They make me shut my bike in a closet at work. I think it takes a nap in there.

this verdant country said...

I think it's great that you designated one bike as a racing bike even though you don't race. It's important to come up with categories to justify getting new bikes. I have a grocery bike, a post office bike, a photography bike, a wet-weather commuting bike, a cold-weather commuting bike, a 650B commuting bike... the list goes on.

I know a guy who has it worse than me. He has a fixed-gear Pugsley (brakeless) that he uses as a "dog-walking bike". I know two others who have bling bikes that only come out on the nicest days, which are called "parade bikes".

cyclingdave said...

don't give yourself whiplash. :)