Thursday, May 03, 2007


Well, Mr. Muppet (who I actually passed on the way to work today) has been given a stunting ticket, for pulling up on the right hand side of a motor vehicle (me on my bike) at a stop sign and for passing a motor vehicle (again, me on by bike!) illegally. He can fight the ticket and go to court, but I would think that him being a Principal of a Catholic School, it might save him some face to simply pay the fine. Stunting here in Canada, is quite a fine. I've been threatened with it in my younger days on my crotch-rocket, but those were the days of my youth. I miss them.

It feels like Justice might have been done. On that note, I've recently read a great book my Richard Maybury. Whatever Happened to Justice? You won't find it in your local Chapters or Barnes and Noble, because some would consider it offensive, on several fronts. I won't go into those. I will say that I agree with most of what is conveyed in the book. An easy read and after getting it from the library, I will actually be ordering this book for myself. He also has several other books that are very well recognized. Most notable would be Whatever Happened to Penny Candy. It is said that no other book can explain, economics in such a simple and understandable manner. Often a required reading for certain economic majors. A great author, and if you can find his books, I recommend you by them.



Smudgemo said...

Awesome. I once had a guy chase me with his car and luckily got an understanding cop that rides motorcycles to tell my story to. I didn't bother filing charges since it would be too much of a hassle on my end and just a he said/she said thing in court, but the cop thought he got through to the guy that his actions started at assault with a deadly weapon and could have ended with murder.
So were we were lied to? Maybe the principal isn't really your PAL at all.

Anonymous said...

Would his name happend to be Vincent Behm?

Jerome said...

Hey Smudgemo, thanks for your comment. I certainly don't think that the principal is my PAL. I actually called the school right after it happened and asked to speak with the principal not knowing it was him. I ended up leaving a very polite, professional message on his VM, stating that I would certainly feel sorry for the children that were under his charge during the day etc, etc. Since he was the principal and returned my call with more yelling and BS. I decided to take it a step further then. I called his boss. Regional Manager of the Catholic school bored. He was very understanding and apologized for the incident and assured me that MR. P would get a talking to about his behavior. I just thought it is important that people know what the person who they have entrusted their children to all day long is like. I've never seen such an old guy get so mad. I thought he might even come after me! I'm still spreading the word about his behavior in this incident and am finding out that many have had similar experiences and don't like the man at all. Anyway, this certainly isn't something that you want to go through or have happen to anyone, but when it does, and if action is likely to happen; I think it's important to stand up for what you believe in. One of those things I believe in is the rights of cyclists, and the thought that cars and bikes can live and ride together in peace!

By the way, I love beer too!! In fact....what's this...gotta go!


Jerome said...

Anonymous, No it's not Vincent Behm. From what I understand, there are two schools, elementary and junior high, functioning out of the same building, each school having separate principals. I know who the dude is. I'm sure you do too. Any guesses?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Joe "Too Blessed to be Stressed" Lepage?

How sad it is that so-called followers of Christ exhibit such abhorrent behaviour... and I'm a Christian myself.

Jerome said...


That's too funny. I like that self assigned description. I wish I had known that when I met him. I could just have just blessed him and he would have calmed down. You are correct. Mr. Joe (I’m too ignorant to the rules of the road to care and therefore need to get stressed) Lepage

Smudgemo said...

Is this the height of hypocrisy? I'm never sure because we always seem to find new levels of it in religion, government and ourselves. Well,...not me of course.

Just finished a Guinness, myself. I'm not a religious man, but if there is a god, I wish to thank him for beer.