Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Shake up, wake up.

Well, today was an incredible ride into the office. So nice, I decided to head off the road and to the local kinsmen lake here in Strathmore. I've take some pics of my winter fixie on this little dock, and thought the road fix is quite deserving also.
I propped my pedals against my laptop bag, and started shooting. Walking ever so gingerly, not to rock the dock. I decided I should get off the dock for some shots with all of the trees in the back ground. This was an iffy notion, but figured I could be careful. Wrong.
Just as I got onto the grass, I heard the sound of a bike hitting the dock behind me. First of all, you should never turn your back to your favorite bike when it's balanced like a feather. Second of all, it was just a dumb idea. I was so lucky it didn't fall into the water, and I was suddenly more conscious of everything around me. It felt like I had just woken up. Bad way to wake up. I even remember when I was propping the bike for the pic thinking what I would do if I lost the bike to the murky depths. Okay, it's only about 3 feet, but I actually was thinking that she might fall into the water, and I still did it! Dumb, dumb, dumb.
After picking up my beast (and apologizing to it) we continued on our way and I shall certainly not be so careless again.
I figured a riding pic would be a safer alternative.
Ride yer bike!

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Tuco said...

Looks like a gorgeous morning ride, even despite the bike mishap - happy trails.