Wednesday, June 13, 2007

All may not be lost

Well, I just happened to catch this on video. It's a class from one of the shcools here in Strathmore out for a bike ride to Eagle lake. Seeing many of the riders had fishing rods in thier packs, I assume that they were going fishing. The route they were taking is actually an abandoned rail line that starts about 1 mile from where I work. It's a really nice little ride.

Seeing this almost gives me a faint glimps of hope in our education systems. Public education is a different topic for a different day, and is something that I'm quite passionate about.

Great to see young people having fun on their bikes. I know it's the end of the year and important stuff is winding down in schools, but I am glad to see teachers taking kids out on rides like this. One of the girls that rode by (you'd have heard her yell hi to me if I'd left the audio on) is the daughter of Ido, who works with me and in the past year has been riding his bike very regularly to work. Dig it.

Added a song that I thought worked. Sound quality sucks.


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