Saturday, June 02, 2007

The one I was waiting for

Well, here it is. The very last load from our move to our new home. Previous pics would have shown an enclosed car hauler trailer loaded to the gills with our junk. 5 trips of this sort were made prior to this one taking the last of my bike collection and our ever so precious apple tree. I did the 20 mile trek between our homes at a whopping 60 km (40 miles)/hr. Most of the leaves remained in tack and after putting this little tree in the earth, it seems to be taking quite well.
It' amazing how much drive a truck at 60km/hr on the highway reminds me of riding a bike. There is actually a bit of time to notice what's around you, check out the cows, view the great scenery.
I must say, moving is a massive amount of work! I never realized how hard it can be. Last time I moved (6 years ago) my wife and I were just newly married, and we use 2 motor-cycle trailer loads. This move (two young boys later) we needed about 8 times the room. Amazing how much more children add to your stuff. Well worth it though. Not much better than being a dad.

Anyway, after a garage sale today, rototilling for 5 hours to make a garden, planting that garden, planting the apple tree, lugging boxes to the basement, and re-working the gas feed line to our stove, I'm about beat. I had just enough left in me for a post being as it's been a while. Now that's done, I'll enjoy the rest that I've earned.


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