Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The second 26 of the day

The return trip on the fixie was mucho mejor. (I'm not that great at spelling Spanish, but I usually understand it)Translates to much better. Prayers answered I had a nice little tail wind helping me along, and being as this is the first time I've made the round trip (usually my wife is in town getting groceries or something so it's worked out to have her pick me up) I was correct in thinking that the ride home was more downhill than the ride to work. There was an awful lot of the time that I ended up resisting the spin (I still don't have brakes on this bike) rather than hammering to keep going forward. That being said, there is a massively steep uphill, and it took everything I had to keep pedaling. Eyes closed, tongue hanging out, grunting kind of thing. I set a new record for the route, 1hr, 23 mins.
I think this deer wanted in on the photo-shoot.
This is the last strech of hi-way leading into the village that I now call home. I was glad to see it.
Sadly, I can't say that the fixie will make the journey all that often. Not yet at least. When you're used to riding 3 miles each way, you end up thinking you're in better shape than you actually are. I've got a ways to go before I can say that this 52 mile round trip bike commuting thing is easy. But, I must say, I've had some of the most peaceful experiences I can recall, in the last few days doing this route. There will be 15 minute intervals when you're the only sign of human life. I'll stop riding, listen and hear nothing but the birds, ground squirrels or the bushes being strummed by the wind. I'm enthralled with my new route. Sometimes, it's hard to get riding again after you've had a little time to take it all in. This is an incredible opportunity I've been given, and I shall not waste it.
Enjoy yours.


Jeff said...

More excuses: I love the morning commute (23 miles). The temperature and weather are just perfect. It's the commute home that ruins it for me. Hot with 20mph crosswinds. It's windy every freakin' day at that time. Stupid geography...

Jerome said...

Yow, that doesn't sound like any fun!Hornswaddler!