Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Can't resist

I zipped out to my parents house to fix my Moms garden tractor (loose fuse) and while I was there, I moved my Marlin from the garage to the shop. Couldn't resist snapping this pic. She's worthy is she? I so dig this car, just wish I had more time for it right now. Oh well


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll bite what year is this beauty? And does it have push button gears? We had a Rambler Classic in the mid 60's and my oldest brother had a Rambler wagon. I forget what model the wagon was called, however I do remember seeing it's push button drive method.


Jerome said...

Hey B. It's a 1965 Rambler Marlin. They made 10,000 of these in 65, 5000 in 66 and 2300 in 67. The 66 & 67s were under the AMC name, 65 being the only year they were the Rambler marlin. The 66 looks exactly the same and the 67 is a completely different body. This car has a 3 speed 'Flash-o-matic' auto transmission it her. I've had this car for almost two years now. It's never been restore and I've even got the bill of sale and a Polaroid from the day it was purchased in Sunny Vale, CA. I bought it off an older gent I work with who, for some reason or other, wanted me to have this car. Smoken deal too. I get out every month or so at least just to start it up and let it see a few moments of glory on the hi-way. I'd love to drive it to church every Sunday, but right now I've got too much renovating going on at my house for it to be safe for a beast like this. Lots of fun. I think the thing I like about this car the most, is just seeing how they did things back then. It was a different time, and that is apparent when you get into these old cars. Cheers.