Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sign me up

Last night I rode my new (to me) Sekine 10 speed to my second Lions club meeting. After the meeting, I filled out an entrance form and joined the club. I want to get involved in this little town that I now call home and this is one way to do it. It's also helped me meet a whole lot of people really fast. In a town of 375, you can't just sit in your little house, minding your own busy life without everyone else thinking you're just some stuck up snob from the city, who doesn't like anyone. Sure there are advantages and disadvantages to being is such a small population. The biggest everyone seems to say is that everyone knows your business. I think it's true. But, if you have nothing to hide or be ashamed of, what does it matter? I've so far found it to be a good thing. People know I'm gone camping for the weekend, and watch the house for me. They keep an eye out for your kids. If your kids are getting into trouble, they let you know. Not that my kids will ever be getting into trouble.
I could see a concern with such a small town if it were made up of no-so good people, but so far, I'm amazed at how many good folks live in this little village. We've been over to our neighbors house's for bar-b-q, coconut cream pies, coffee and the hospitality and welcome has been amazing. So far, I love living here and wished I had moved years before.

Back to this little green bike I found. It was again at the recycling yard that I picked this one up. I grabbed it for the head-badge and handlebars (I've got a fixie project going that could use some cool bars like these) but after seeing that everything was is working order, even the tires still had decent pressure in them, I decided to take it for a beer run. After a block I knew that this was a keeper. I might restore it, might not. After the meeting was done at 10:30 last night, it was a great ride home. All 4 blocks of it. The bike is a little on the small side, but I haven't even adjust a thing on it yet, so I'm sure it can be tweaked a bit. The 27 x 1 1/4 inch tires are fast, yet very plush and roll nicely on the gravel roads. This bike is perfectly suited for zipping around town on and little errands here and there. And great for going to the Lions meetings.

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