Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Thank you Ebay

Finally some parts I bought on Ebay arrived. Nothing too exciting, a Nitto stem that's slated to make my Bianchi a little more comfy, and a Park Took SP-8 free-wheel tool. I've got a few wheel sets that I want to convert to fixed (I've actually had decent luck with a track cog and a BB locking ring) and single speeds.

Thanks to the recycle yard for these pedals. I don't know what brand they are, but they spin super smooth and I think they look cool. I don't have a bike for these to go on yet, but I'm sure they'll top off a future project quite nicely.
Yesterday's hot ride home was great. I don't have a computer on my Allez but with a strong tail wind and the down-hill part of the steepest hill on my route, I must have been doing at least 70 or 80 kms. Cars passed slowly. You sure do notice how twitchy a bike is at speeds like that.

The ride in this morning was once again fantastic. This is from this morning. It hits home that summer is well under way when the farmers are taking the first hay crop off.

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