Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thanks Vik!

Last night, Vik hauled a couple of his bent bikes out to Strathmore to let me have my first ride on a bent. Many thanks Vik for your time. It's most appreciated.

We met up at Tim Hortons, and headed a few blocks over to where I work. After a few practice laps around the block, we cruised out to my in-laws place, where my wife was visiting with her brother and sisters. I was an incredible evening for ride, no wind, 24 degrees C, and the lighting would have been perfect for some snaps if either one of us had brought our cameras. Dang.

As this was my first time on a bent, I must say that it was totally different than I had imagined it to be. I've been researching them, and studying pictures lately, trying to figure out how they would feel, based on the look of the frame. Waste of time. It was nothing like I had imagined. In a good way. No, in a great way.

I can't believe that these bents are being missed out on by so many folks. Starting and stopping is a little difficult at first, but it's like track standing on a fixie, you'd get the hang of it after a while. The ride was incredible. I don't know if it's that the bike was just suited to me or not, but I felt I could have comfortably had a snooze on that bike. I’m not sure if all bents are this comfy, but I was amazed at how this one felt. The weird part is when we're out on the highway, and two different groups of bikers (motor-bikes) gave us the wave. Never have I had a motor-cyclist wave at me when I've been on a bicycle.

All in all a totally cool, sweet style of riding, and thanks again Vik for all of your effort and letting me test-pilot your bike. Most enjoyable.

Cheers. And maybe even.....get bent.

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Steeker said...

LOL you'll love the looks you get on a Bent and when you build up your Bent legs you can go roadie hunting ;-)