Friday, October 19, 2007

I have an idea

Well, it's not my idea, just one that I would like to relay to all you who ride and blog and take pictures. Here it is:

A picture an hour, for 12 hours, from people all over the place. Many of you know that this comes right from FGG and their 24hrs of Fixed Gear Gallery Forum. They did a project where different people would take pictures of their day one hour apart. Regardless of whether or not it was about bikes. Just a series of pictures to share little parts of your day. I was thinking if we could band together and pick a date in the future, giving ourselves enough time to get as many people in on it as possible, and even set up a designated blog where people could upload their photos. We could have as many contributors as possible. I've met several bloggers, many other bloggers have met or already know other bloggers, and if we could get them all involved, we could get a pretty neat project on the go.

I think it would be really cool to have a blog that you could go to and see what November 20th (arbitrarily) would look like from 8am to 8pm (arbitrarily) from places all across North America.
The more people could get together on this, the better. While there are some logistics to work out I think it could be pretty neat.

Some of the logistics I am thinking about would be this: If we could get all those interested as members of a shared blog - 12 Hours in Photos - (I've named one, but if we didn't use that one my feeling wouldn't be hurt) so that after the pictures have been taken, we can all upload them and have them there. We should come up with some protocols on how they are labeled (probably your name and where you are from as the title?) and limit the verbage. Actually I think for it to be a true photo project, we should not have any verbage. Simply 12 pictures at as close to 1 hour intervals as you can do. Be creative. If you're sitting at your desk, take a picture of your desk, or an object on your desk, or the view from your window in a creative manner. Great examples are over at the FGG. One important rule, keep it clean. No sick or perverted pics. This is something that I would like everyone to be able to enjoy.

What do you all think? If someone out there has a burning desire to manage this (set up the blog, make sure all who want in are sent invitations to be team members of the blog, etc, let me know. Even in my own little bloggy world I can think of people who I'd love to see their pictures; Doug, Vik, Jeff, Smudgemo,Tim, Rigtenzin, the ever hiding Jim Thill, Jeff, Steve and the list goes on and on.

I certainly don't mind managing it and if you're in, you can email me at I'll send an invite and make you a member. Put in the subject field of your email "12hrs"

Would this be something better done with something like a flickr feed? The thing I like about a blog is that they will all be on one page.

Anyway, I was just throwing this idea out there and would like to see what yall think. No date in mind, no times in mind, really not much other then a skeletal outline of an idea. Let me know your thoughts and spread the word around. This might just turn into something cool.



Vik said...

I'd be happy to get involved as long as the date works for me.

Jeff said...

You know I'd be in for something like this!

Flickr Groups work good for this stuff. Even if people don't have a Flickr Pro account, they can make a free one and create a set. Everyone just joins the group and adds their pictures as they get them uploaded. Might be easier than a blog... But I'm up for whatever!

While we're on the subject of voyeurism, check out Twitter. You can form a little network on there. It's all text based, and you can just keep the gang updated on what you're doing. You can even use your phone and update it with text messaging. I've seen it in action with a big group, and it's kind of cool! I'm on there, but only have one guy to follow... So sign up!

Jack said...

I'm game!

I can probably make almost any day work, except Sunday when I'm on deadline.

Just a couple ideas:

Perhaps the verbage could be limited to the photo's title? I tend to use titles like "Mad River Bridge at sunset. 10.17.07"

The only way I can consistently post photos on my blog is to link them to my flickr site. We'd want to make sure everyone has the technical capability to post photos.

Keep me posted. – Jack

Vik said...


When you get things going can you put all the instructions as the first post on the blog we'll be using? I'll try and round up some other folks, but having all the details in one spot would be uber useful.

Doug said...

I'd give it a try. Not sure I can help set it up, I barely have the computer skills to my own blog.

Smudgemo said...

Okay, I could take a photo an hour for half a day. Keep it simple so I don't have to worry about time. I'm short on it already.

Jim Thill said...

This could be fun, but I doubt I could pull it off with one of my pinhole cameras. Or maybe I could.

Jerome said...

Sweet, sounds good all y'all.

I think it'll be done on good ole blogger.You can post from flickr or directly to blogger.

I like the idea of titling each picture: what it was or where it was and the time.

Jim, you totally could do the pin-hole camera and should. Those could quite easily be the coolest pics of the project. You know that.

I'll get the rules posted up shortly on the 12hrs blog.


Jack said...

kejI assume that we don't need to post a photo every hour. Instead, we select one photo for every hour to be posted later in the day, or when we're near our computers. Right?

Jerome said...

Right you are Jack. Basically do all your photos for the day, and sometime in the following several days, get them posted to the blog. Cheers.

Jim Thill said...

Oh, that works for me. I was under the impression that I'd have to be posting in real time, which would be a real struggle with the format I had in mind. But I can do it EASILY in a couple days.

Jeff said...

Count me in :D Great idea!