Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Getting ready for tomorrow

Several things. First the photo project. It just turns out that I'll be on the road for the better part of the day. No work, just driving to America. This morning I was driving to work, and couldn't resist the morning sunrise again. When you take it in all summer, than don't get to enjoy it, and all of a sudden have it again, it reminds you of why you like it so much. One of my favorite things is watching a good sunrise.
Second, our annual trip to Great Falls, MT. Every year my wife’s family have a mini reunion in Great Falls Montana. I think it's just an excuse to go shopping. I've grown to enjoy these trips we do. Last year we bought my wife a decent Trek road bike. This year, well, we won't be buying any bikes, but I do hope to look at the new Schwinn Madison Fixie. With the CDN dollar being $1.10 this morning to the US, and with American prices already being lower than Canadian, I think we will certainly be dumping some dollars into the local GF economy. Massive savings can be had all around. Of course one of my favorite reasons to go there is to get my yearly stock of Fat Tire Amber Ale. Fine tasty beer!

Back to the photo side of blogging, last week I found a vintage Konica SLR camera at the local recycling yard while I was taking back a truck load of cardboard from our new appliances. It seems to work fine. All the clicky things click, the spinney things spin, and the focus things focus. I was surprised to learn that we didn't even have any rolls of 35mm film kicking around. Just another sign of the digital age I suppose. The camera was in a draw string mesh bag with a 70-200 telephoto lens and a wide angle lens, as well as the standard 28-70 lens on the camera. They all work great and I was amazed at how large of view the wide angle gives. This is one that I’m looking forward to playing with. It seems to be so much of the time I want to capture in a picture what’s just outside of the frame. Maybe I’ll be buying a wide angle for my Canon 20D in Great Falls, who knows. It would be really handy for documenting my house project, when you want to take pictures of how a room turned out, but can only get 5 feet of one wall. Yep, I think the next lens I’d like for the Canon will be a wide angle.
Anyway, tomorrow, start checking into 12hrs for the posts that will be coming in. So far I think we’ve got 17 people signed up. Woot!!!!!


Jeff C. said...

Nice sunrise! Don't forget your batteries tomorrow everyone (mine are dead, need to run to the store)!

rigtenzin said...

I love old cameras and wound up with lots of them from ebay and garage sales. I'm better now.