Saturday, December 29, 2007

One speed is all you need

While pillaging through my bike junk, scrounging parts for building up my Xtracycle, I thought I'd also build up something else. A single speed.

Not that I was looking for another bike project, but my faithful Trek (at the time a single speed) was being geared again, in preparation for the big loads I'd be hauling.

I've been hanging onto an old mtb frame for something just like this.

It's an old Shimano??? Tange steel frame. I haven't measured, but I'd say it's a large and fits me quite well. Pink too. I thought a pink and black bike would suit the SS attitude.

All the parts for the build were grabbed from the recycling yard. This build cost me $0.00. I've built some cheap bikes in the past, but I wanted to do something that was completely free other than the time to build it.

Right now I'm running a 38 up front with a Dicta 16 tooth freewheel in the back. Riding it to work was great, but I went for a little romp in the snow (kind of the purpose for this build; a snow bike I could beat up and leave lying around unlocked) and 16 is not enough in the back. Or 38 is too many in the front. I've got an 18 and 20 tooth (those are brand new and cost me $5.36 on Ebay including shipping) and I'm gonna give them a try. Still makes this bike something I wouldn't be heartbroken if it was stolen.

Here she is. You may notice I don't have a rear brake cable. That's cause I haven't stolen it from another doner bike in the shed yet. I'll get to that in the next couple of days.


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