Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Today I rode to work. I've ridden to work every day for the past month. Very, very steady. In fact, so far this year I've driven my truck only once to work, and that was because I had to drop off my table saw with a buddy before work.

The Xtracycle has made huge contributions to making this happen.

Today however was the coldest I've ever ridden my bike. It was -38C (-36.4F) with a windchill factor of -48C (-54.4F). I know in my post this morning I said I would not be taking pictures, but you just can't turn down a shot like this can ya? The 15 seconds I had my gloves off almost brought tears to my eyes. They said on the radio that exposed skin freezes in less than a minute with these windchill factors. I think they might be right. Didn't really want to find out though. We haven't had too much snow, but some monster drifts. I've lately found them to be very handy as bike racks. Seems everywhere I want to park my bike (work, the arena, outside of my shed) there seems to be a great stiff snow drift that does the job well. One of those benefits to winter cycling, huh?


Doug said...

Hey, you couldn't figure out how to get that table saw loaded on the Xtracycle?

I haven't found my bottom limit on temperatures and windchills yet. But those temps might just be it! Way to go!!

Smudgemo said...

You guys are nuts. Humans were not meant to live in such extreme cold. Just speaking from experience...

rigtenzin said...

Blogger ate my last comment. It was probably the most articulate, well thought out comment in history.

Anyway, I like the sunrise photo. Flat areas allow you to appreciate the beauty of the sky more easily.

Anonymous said...