Thursday, January 03, 2008

My new Truck

Of course, it's the Extra Cycle.

Yesterday Morning I decided I would give the ole beast a run with a full load. I mean a full load. I had a bunch of my tools home for the weekend to do more work on mi casa and needed them back at work. Usually I've been piece mealing them to and fro to avoid starting my Chevy(which I haven't started in over 2 weeks!!) but today, all in.

I had my Dewalt tool pack and my caddy of hand tools. I would say the combined was around 180 lbs. Heavy, heavy, heavy. Add to that a 200 lb cyclist and you've got a taxed Trek. Glad to say it handles quite nicely. Defiantly slow around the icy corners, but not bad at all.
When I first got my Extra cycle I was sort of thinking I'd get more use out of it if I still lived in Strathmore. Mostly because my errand rides were longer distances there. Not at all. I've used my Extra cycle to pick up potatos, Eggnog, milk, tools, beer, mail, chicken wings you name it, it seems to fit the bill. I honestly wonder how I survived with out one. In the last 2 weeks, I've only driven a vehicle 5 times. 3 of which were for Christmas gatherings where the whole family was going. I think I'm even going to add a stoker bar like Smudgemo did. My 3 1/2 year old would just love the idea of riding on Daddy's bike.

Today I did my first lolly gagging trip in the Xtra cycle. I did a bit of banking after going home for lunch and had a bit of time to kill, so I cruised.
I saw this sign that reminded me that Rockyford has a bottle collection. Between May and October apparently. I almost feel bad I didn't go this past year. Oh well, something to look forward to this summer! Maybe even a full on blog post with photos and everything,......of the Rockyford Antique bottle collection!!!!!! Might just put the big R on the map. HHAAAA.
Cheers, happy riding.


rigtenzin said...

I really like the Xtracycle. I'd like to put one together for myself. I think I'd get some good use out of it. I'm inspired.

Vik said...

Awesome Jeremy! I'm looking forward to trying out your new truck....=-) You know what would be killer? A Pugsley Xtracycle!...hahahaha....=-)

Smudgemo said...

Yeah! I just used a 1-1/8" stem with a lot of rise and a little electrical tape for a shim. I got your stuff in the mail today. Thanks! I'm going to showcase it on my desk and my blog.

fridrix said...

Yes but can you do the sliding-rear-wheel type of stop?