Saturday, January 05, 2008

Proof Hide??

As recommended by Brooks, one should apply several doses of proof hide during the break-in period, and every 3-6 months thereafter. I don't have any proof hide. Should I hold of riding this saddle until I get some? Has anyone ridden one without ever using the proof hide? Just wondering. Peace.


Jeff said...

I've never tried a Brooks saddle yet! I suppose it's in my future though. What's your opinion?

Vik said...

I have some proofride if you want to use it. Maybe swing by for a coffee with your saddle and we'll apply the proofride while we enjoy some java!

I put it on once at the start and then at the begining and end of each season.

Smudgemo said...

Sweet! I want one for my commuter bike.

steve said...

I forgot to put proofhide on one of mine when I got it and it didn't really seem to make any difference. I usually proofhide the saddles when the honey colour starts wearing thin - around the nose is where it generally goes first.

Something I found this year is that proofhide can go rancid, so I'd recommend buying just one of the small tins. I believe Norco carry Brooks stuff now so pretty much any bike shop should be able to get it.

Vik said...

I couldn't figure out why you were all calling it the wrong name and then I find out I was also using the wrong spelling. It is called Proofide.

Good to know it can go bad...wonder if I should be storing it in the fridge? I have a small tin and have barely made a dent in it with 3 saddles for a couple years.

steve said...

Good catch, Vik, I was trying to think why it didn't look right when I was typing it but couldn't be bothered to go look at my tin!

The tin I have that went off is about 3 years old and was kept in my office, which can get pretty warm in the summer. I guess keeping it in the fridge would help but the flip side is it wouldn't spread too well. It's quite obvious it's gone off - instead of the citronella-esque smell it smells like tainted paraffin wax. It still seemed to work OK on my beater saddle, though - and since I wear rain pants on it most of the time I'm not massively worried about the smell! :-)

Vik said...

Well thanks for the tip. I think I'll chuck my Proofide in the fridge. At the rate I'm using it I'll still have the same tin in 2020!

Besides I use a hair dryer or place the saddle in a sunny spot when I apply the stuff to get it to soak in more easily. Starting off a little colder shouldn't have any significant impact on the process.

It is far more important not to have a rancid smelling butt!....=-)

Jerome said...

Vik, thanks for the offer, that'd be great. Good coffee, and bike saddles, what more could one ask for?

Steve, thank you so much for the info. I certainly appreciate what I've learned here.

BTW, sorry for leading yal astray with the spelling, I've never been much of a spelr. ha, ha.