Sunday, January 20, 2008


Well, a while back I was tagged by Mr. Doug. I should finally get on it. Much like all yall who were also tagged.

1. My real name is Jeremy. Jerome is a nickname I received from my co-workers. Why, I don't know. I like to think it's because I play hockey like my all time favorite player, who happen to play for my all time favorite team, who happen to be my home team: Jerome Iginla of the Calgary Flames.
2. I love and play hockey. Drop the gloves boys!
3. I am afraid of Islam.
4. I've out-ran the cops twice on my motorcycle. They are incredibly slow if you know what to do with a 97 CBR Fireblade.
5. I'm pretty damn good at wheelies on a motorcycle. 1.5 miles straight in Dothan Alabama 130 mph, yes MPH, not KPH. I can't wheelie a bicycle worth shit. Maybe pictures would be good?

I tag: Sarah, Roman, Steeker, Jeff, and Smudge. Hopefully I didn't steal any others that were already tagged.


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Steeker said...

gee I am sooo tired from work I get brain farts just thinking what TAG is