Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Can't think of a title for this post

It's the truth. I just can't come up with anything that would work for this post. I always title my post before actually writing them, maybe that's the problem. Whatever.

Yesterday was my birthday. I'm getting to be an old old man. At least I think so. I even had facebook messages saying "happy birthday - OLD MAN"
It was a good birthday though. Didn't go in to work, just hung out with the family and did some shopping (for home-reno supplies).

I got a set of panniers that I've been hinting at for a while. Smudge was the first person I saw who had them and they looked pretty bitchen. Vik has some too I think. I hinted to my wife that they'd make a sweet birthday present. And they did. I also got a weather station (I asked for one fo these too) just becouse is so cool to know exactly what the weather is like right outside of your house when you jump on the bike. This is one of those things you need a bit of time to set up. Wind, rain, humidity and factors in the windchills and everything for you. I'm stoked to get it. Must be the old farmer in me coming out.
Lastly I did end up getting some profide for my loveley B-17. I've been agonizing over weather or not I should ride it until I get it lathered and then also just which bike it should done. It'll go on the fixie, just to keep it pure. I haven't been riding on it and won't until we get into some 700 X 23 weather again. I've got a set of 38 knobbies for the fixie, so I might just slap them on and hope the big B doesn't mind being broken in in the double - digits. It should be fine.

I started my running regeim again today. When I left at noon it was -13C with a light wind. I notice the start of a chinook arch in the sky. 40 minutes and 5 miles later, it was -1.7C when I returned home. Man, I don't hink it's been warmer than -15 for the last 2 weeks. Feels nice.
After the run, I jumped on the S/S to try out the new panneirs. Actually they only had the daily mail in them, but they are super functinal. I really like how they are on an off so easy and the clear my feet while I am spinning. Very important. I'm glad I was able to ditch the freezer basket I had on the rear rack. Talk about embarassing.

Correction: I just traced back, and I guess smudge doesn't have these panneirs. They look awfully similar don't they?
Correction # 2: Vik's are Ortliebs too. Dang I'm off tongiht


Smudgemo said...

Happy Birthday, Jerome!

Don't fret that you got different panniers, I'm sure they'll be just fine. For normal commuting I'll never carry anything on my back again. As long as they are sturdy and easy on/off, it's hard to lose.

rigtenzin said...

My birthday was the 5th. I got a Brooks B67 from my kids. It will go on the Raleigh DL1 (roadster with rod brakes). I only ride it in nice weather, so it will be a while before I sit on the new seat.

Happy birthday!

Neve_r_est said...

Ah, forget your age, your better off without it. Keep the wisdom though, that'll come in handy later.

Saving the Brooks?! I've got two Swifts and contemplating another. They've been through 12yrs and countless thousands of miles of crappy weather. Just make sure you Proofide the underneath and the edges good, and bag it in heavy downpours, you'll be fine.

Ha! I'm in your "normal bike blogs" list, eh? Well we'll see about that when the ice melts back off ;)