Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Burn Not Ye Bridges

That's a truth that I can attest to right now. Since the beginning of December I've been doing some custom woodworking (along with building a small office from the ground up) and wrenching on combines. A great little shop 1/2 block from my house called D-Alta Mechanical. There's many farmers around here that'll send their combines to Dave before even thinking of going to a Case dealer.

Before that I had been at G&S Airport Conveyor for 10 years. Strange things were happening in the airport baggage business and we simply weren't getting jobs. Bid a project 2% above cost and loose it by 50% to a competitor? They were buying work. Us, not being a publicly traded company can't afford to buy work like that to keep "floating" hoping things change up. After "floating for a good couple of years" (investors get pissed) they are finally starting to drown. I say that with the deepest of sympathy.

Just when there seemed to be no more combines in need of repair (I could tell my boss was getting me to do 'busy work' to keep me around) G&S Airport Conveyor started getting jobs that had a healthy mark up on them. I use the word healthy loosely. (there a chance we might just make a buck)

-4 months earlier-

I volunteered to look for a job while G&S was winding down, as I knew it was seemingly inevitable. I dropped of ye ole resume down the street, and whammy, I had a job. I took it. I rode my bike there every single day except for maybe six. Even in -40 temps, I rode my bike. Mostly because I'd get colder starting my truck than I would just riding the dang bike.

Now, these few months later, G&S came back to me with a job offer. Starting off with a Project in San Diego and a big one in San Bernadino. Same position, same pay, same benifits, as if I hadn't left. Probably because I left on good terms. They look after me, G&S. And that the story to the moral, Burn Not Ye Bridges.

26 mile commute......................I'm baaacckk!



Doug said...

Congrats on being rehired! I guess you can find out how the Xtracycle rides on a long commute.

Steeker said...

long commute free's the mid Bro, congrats

Steeker said...

mind :-p

Vik said...

Congrats on the new/old job!

Smudgemo said...

Woot! Time to start jumping cars again!