Friday, March 28, 2008

New Camera

I've been using a Xacti 5mp camera for my point and shoot that I carry everywhere with me. It still works fine, but I'm not entirely happy with it. I was quite happy with it until I saw Vik's little canon that he uses. The area that I notice his camera excelled was low light conditions and indoor photos without a flash. I've got a nice Canon 20D, but that's not something that you carry around with you everywhere. I like having a camera on me everywhere I go. I usually take at least several photos everyday, just for fun. Love the digital revolution huh.

Anyway, here is a picture of my old Xacti. It'll be getting replaced with a Canon PowerShot SD1000 ELPH 7.1mp point and shoot. I'll still keep the ole Xacty around for times where camera damage or exposing it to harsh circumstances is inevitable. Other than that, may it rest in peace.

So far I'm really liking the easy features of this little camera. Switching from normal focus to macro is 10x faster than the Xacti and simply a matter of hitting one button twice. On the Xacti I ended up having to go through the menus option, way too much work for a lazy person like me. I haven't even had this new canon for 24hrs and I've hardly started playing with it. But, already I'm loving this little camera. Some of the best air miles I've ever spent.
I really love the size of it too. Perfect for a Jersey pocket or seat bag. I would say that I take more photos while cycling than any other time. Here's a few shot to give you an idea of it's nice compact size.

Thanks for the tip Vik.


Vik said...

Nice camera...I'd like a new Canon point and shoot, but my old S500 takes a licking and keeps on ticking...=-)

Smudgemo said...

I like the Timbuk2 iPod case for my camera. It's padded, easy to access while riding and has belt-loops and velcro attachments.

Anonymous said...

Nice camera, my old SD30 just gave up the ghost. Had a warranty on it, and convinced/cajoled the Futureshop manager that a yr old camera was not in the cards for this guy. He told me best he do was SD1100is for an extra $30. Funny thing was after all the LOUDER voice, they offered me a choice to purchase another warranty, I guess they need someone on their back eh! So here are a few shots of a trike conversion done by fellow HPVOoOers. (Human Powered Vehicle Operators of Ottawa).
Have fun with your camera, I really liked the old one, and this one with the is (image stablity)means my on bent shots should be more stable. :-)


BTW, for the camera case, I am using the case that came with my MP3 player. Just had to shave a little off the sides to make a snug fit.