Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lunch Time Ride

To over come some stress at work (I really actually don't get stressed, but work is just very busy right now, and I'm working some pretty long hours) I decided to use my lunch break to ride out to Eagle Lake and back. After raining all night, the dirt/gravel path was in perfect condition for a pink single speed bomber.

The wind was nasty, nasty but the temps were perfect. hovering around 8C (46F) means you can pedal your heart out and not get wasted, while still being able to don shorts.

I threw my bike in the canal 3 different times to wash the mud (read: tar) off of it. 3 different times, I could not transmit physical effort on the bike to forward motion. It was the stickiest stuff I've ever ridden in. It was also a great time. Almost makes a 1hr lunch ride epic.

Here are the pics.

Start of the path

Note the sign - this is actually a bike path?

Resting from the side
The house in the backgroung is actually very nice/interesting
front mud
back mud

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