Friday, May 02, 2008

Multi-modal Commute

I'm terribly out of shape right now and up and jumping into 52 miles a day is something that I really don't enjoy. So, while I build up my legs a bit, I'm driving a little over half way to work and riding the rest. It makes for a nice 10 mile each way trip. I think that if I do this for a week or two, I'll be in a much better position for starting the 26 mile each way, 3 days a week routine. Also, I can play with different ratios on my fixie without having to commit to an hour to two of regret.
The unload - Roxy making last minute checks
The new 45-17 seems to be great. No spinning out like crazy on the flats, but I'm not screaming up the hills either. I think this might be it.

Rolling out on the gravel

The Books B-17 is getting royally comfy! I love this thing. I'm usually pretty tough when it comes to bike saddles and there aren't many that I've changed out because they hurt too much. But this, this is nice!! I did make an adjustment to the seat angle part way through the ride though. Just the usual dial in.
Still not too sure about the mustache bars. For shorter distances their great, but I have a sneaking feeling that for more than an hour or two they might not be that great. I think they might be relegated to in town errand biking. We'll see. One thing is for sure, they are much more difficult to use with one hand while holding a hot coffee!

Side of the road saddle adjustments

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