Wednesday, May 28, 2008


My new (to me) snow bike arrived from Dave yesterday. Thanks a lot Dave! It's sweet.

A nice large Kona frame (actually I think I'd be on the small side for this thing, and I never feel that way) built up with some decent components. Phil hubs front and rear, rear being fixed/fixed - 18/16 - with a 21 chain ring for now. The frame has custom chain stays via the good guys at generic cycles. Large Marge rims of course shod with Endomorphs. Race face stem with a no-name alloy bar and Ergon grips. Avid disc brake lever controlling a cheep tektro front caliper. No rear brake, it's a fixie! None of the components are drool worth, some of them roughed up, but the price was right and I won't cry the first time I go for a real ride.

Sounds very low, but somehow it seems to work quite well for the bike. This obviously is a bike about speed, more about going anywhere and running over anything that might be in your way. I actually assembled the bike at work yesterday, but didn't have a pump to handle presta valves so I had to wait until I got home to take it for a ride. This thing feels really sweet when you're riding around. Very high too. I think that there's 14 inches of clearance under the bottom bracket!
The Ergon handles are great too. I've never tried a pair before, and right off the bat they feel nice.
I can't wait to get this beast out for a ride. Right outside my front door is an irrigation canal that connects with a whole network for irrigation canals and natural creeks. I know of 3 creeks within 1/2 mile of my house. These are generally in ravines and well treed. I think they will be great exploring, and this bike, Porter as I've named it, will be a great bike for doing it on. Then, when winter comes, I'll be ready also. She's a little dirty right now, but with some soap and love, she'll soon shine!


Vik said...

Nice....enjoy your "monster truck" bike rides!

rigtenzin said...

That bike is really nice. I'd love one, but it's not in the cards. I think if you post that on the Morc site (Minnesota Offroad Club), you'd get people who'd pay to have it shipped to them. It's a great deal!

Jerome said...

Hey Thanks for the tip. I think I might just slap it up there.

I did get a good deal on the bike also and with shipping it was just over $800. Hopefully someone out there has been itching for one and can pick this up for what is probably on of the cheaper routes to getting a snow bike.


Anonymous said...