Thursday, May 01, 2008

When do you think they're gonna recall this one?

For years I've carried my trusty Nalgene everywhere and drank liters and liters upon hundreds of liters from it. What a great little bottle. I've been able to keep track my Nalgene for about 4 years. Same bottle, never let me down, stood up to anything. In the last month I finally broke down and put a sticker on it! Only to find out that it could be giving me cancer. Damn it.

So I picked up this SIGG water bottle. While I was looking for a Kleen Kanteen, I settled for the SIGG after learning that it has an organic *indestructible* coating on the inside to keep the water tasting pure and obviously keep it away from the aluminum (which also causes cancer).

Now that I've used this SIGG, I am absolutely amazed at how fresh the water tastes! I had some water left over for 1 day at room temperature and it didn't taste bad at all! Very, very effective. Very expensive also. This little bottle cost me $25. I think that's comparable with the Kleen Kanteen, which I still want to try. Now I'll be hunting down a sport top to make sipping on the go easier.


Vik said...

My friend is a PHD who has done some research:

Your nalgene is safe as long as you follow his advice.

Vik said...

BTW - my friends at:

sell Kleen Kanteens...if you want some just let me know and I can score them for you...its about time we hooked up for a ride.

Jerome said...

Hey thanks Vik. I just might take you up on that. We've got all plastic baby bottles right now and with #3 coming in July, we need to update the collection. I like that Kleen Kanteen has the baby bottle type. On the plus, my boys love their Thomas the Tank Engine Siggs!

I agree, we need to get a ride in together soon. I think we should just book a day and I can come into the city and we should get a ride in. I know that if I don't plan it and put it on the calender, something will always crop up that "has" to be done. Good idea!

Vik said...

I bought some of the baby sippy bottles for my friends and they love 'em. Yeah if you read my friend's posts he says baby bottles are the one place where the plastic bottles are a problem - due to the high heat of sterilization/cleaning as well as the fact babies are more sensitive to the chemicals released.

A ride sounds good - what do you have planned for this weekend or next?

Jeff said...

My friend just picked up a SIGG for his bike, and he likes it. I think the standard number 4 bike bottles are ok, esp for the duration that you you use them. But in general, I'd like to get away from plastic.

My brother got us a couple clean canteens last year, and I just pulled them out of the camping gear. They're our new daily water jugs. The Nalgenes at first went into the recycling pile, but then I thought I could use them for some other kind of non-consumable storage, or for camping food that doesn't come into direct contact with the plastic. Re-use is better than re-cycle!