Monday, May 26, 2008


That's how I am lately. About what? My Volae. About Recuments in general. I have an incredible recumbent bicycle. The Volae Expedition. It's a hand made work of art. Made by Waterford Cycles Works in Wisconsin. Those same guys have made the Rivendell line of bikes. Very respectable indeed.

I've been oohhing and awing LHT's lately and thinking that that's the way I need to go. Is it? I'm not sure. But, last winter, before I parked the Volae, it was my favorite bike, after my fixie. The fixie holds a special place and will never be replaced as favorite.

This year, I haven't been so excited about the Volae. I don't know why. I've only ridden it once for about 26 miles this year. After that ride, I put it up for sale. Am I being too hard on this stead? Maybe. The fact is, I really like it one day, then want to sell it the next. The whole recumbents stigma doesn't bother me. I ride what I like because I like it. What other people think about what I ride means nothing to me.

I think that I just need to put in some miles on this bike. I know that when I commuted on it last year, I was blown away (no pun intended) by it's performance into a headwind. There isn't a DF bike I own that can touch it when riding into a strong headwind. When you're commuting, that makes a big difference. Especially when you've got 26 miles to go. If I get a headwind on the way home, it could put me back 1/2 hour or more. That's valuable time that I could be spending with my family. Very worth contemplating.

So, I think I'm going to give this bike another, longer chance. I need to ride it to and from work day after day for a while. Then, after I've got some decent miles on it, I shall make my decision. I'm really hoping I end up feeling the same way about it that I felt before I parked it for the winter.

Ride on.

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