Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Problem with Segways

Is that these folks probably think tooling around on the stupid things constitutes getting out and living a healthy lifestyle. Clearly they both should be walking. For pete's sake (sorry pete) buddy's got MOOBS!!! If you got moobs, you should be excercising. I think that the Segway may have a decent use, ie: postal workers, police and emergency personnel in airports, simply because you can cover some ground faster than walking. But come on! Fat people buying these things! This is a sign of a sick and demented culture we live in these days. Yeah, I was a creepy blogger guy with a camera stocking them, but I thought it was so ridiculous I should share it.
I've got nothing against overweight people. But I think we should treat it much the same as smoking. Less of a personal value issue, and more of a health issue. I've told my relatives that they should stop smoking before, but I certainly couldn't tell them they should lay off the doughnuts and go outside and enjoy walking. That's just rude. Yet, in the US, the #1 risk of death now is obesity. In Canada, our health care system is taxed to death because people eat too much and do too little.
I say this: Throw away your television (I don't have one) and go do something. Piss on the video games, take them away from your kids. Buy them bikes, roller blades and go out with them and use them. Play ball, jump on a pogo stick, skip rope, skate board, fish, jog, hike out to a field and look up at the stars. But leave the stupid Segway alone! Both of you.
I'm done now.


Steeker said...

those pictures are sooooo wrong , I really hate those things.. and keep your VOLA !

Anonymous said...

Wow. You are right in my opinion.