Monday, June 09, 2008

Visit with Cornell

I headed out past Cochrane yesterday to pick up a new (to me) bike and visit with Cornell. He's a really nice guy who is quite passionate about his bikes, and trikes. I think I may have seen one of these in real life before, but I really wasn't interested and didn't even take a close glance. Cornell's Catrike

Seeing these rigs up close was pretty cool. He rides as well as his wife. Very nicely set up and look like they'd be great rigs for long hauls. It certainly has peeked my interest in trikes. Next step would be to actually ride one. But, that would be dangerous because I'd probably feel like I have to buy one if I rode one. Resist, resist, resistance is futile.

Cornell's wife's Catrike

I'll post soon about the new bike. Just need to dial it in a bit.

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Vik said...

Cornell is a super nice those blue trikes. I was wise and didn't try one either!...=-)