Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bout time I got around to it

Finally got porter up on FGG. Check it.


Brendan said...

I found you on FGG. This is a sweet ride for sure. I read some of your other posts that you have under "Snow Bike." I was wondering if you knew of all the mods you had to do to the frame to accept the large marge rims and endomorph tires? stretch out rear seat/chain stays? special bottom bracket? You are an inspiration, keep up the good work.

Lincoln, NE

Jerome said...

Hey Brandan, thanks so much for the nice words. Here is what I know about the bike:

the bottom bracket is a bb- un72 128mm; the chain stay was actually a custom made one, done by generic cycles. The seat stay is origional. I don't think they chagne the position of the track fork, and there is very little clearance between the chain stay bridge and the tire. Also there is very little clearance between the side of the tire and the chain as well as the chain stay. Having said that, it's just enough to get by. If you look on my links list and find the blog Dave Nice, and go to his blog, you can get a bit of the history of the bike. I think origionally he just took a 2X4 and waxed the frame to fit the big rollers. After that, he decided to smarten up and had the rear chain stays done.


Jerome said...

Sorry Brendan, I just saw I mis-spelled you name. Cheers.