Thursday, July 03, 2008

Gravel Bike

Up and built a little project bike. One I've had kicken around for quite some time now. Frame actually came back to me after I gave it away about a year ago. My neighbour found it in the dump, and knowing that I'm a bike nut, decided he'd bring it to me. Fancy that. I gave this bike to a friend of mine and was quite hesitant to do so. He's since moved away and the bike came back to me.

Simple concept. Steel (cheap crappy steel though) 27" wheels, vintage Nitto Bar, Shimano 600 12 speed drive train (also vintage obviously) and a tune up.

Runs nice. Drive train is in incredible condition. I don't think this bike has ever been stored outside. The saddle is even in great condition, and for only the dial in rides, quite comfortable so far.

I live on a gravel road. The roads in the town that I live in are all gravel, except for two. I've got about a block of gravel and then I'm on the black top heading out to the highway. But, I've also got miles upon miles of gravel roads that all go to somewhere. Where? I don't know, but I intend to find out. On this bike. If this doesn't work our, I've always got my pink bike which would be well suited, but I thought if I actually have a few gears, I could actually make good time on the gravel. We'll see. Maybe it should be done SS.

I think the fenders are going to have to come off. I can only imagine how quick I'll get sick of hearing rocks rolling up and along the fender.

The other nice thing with this bike, is I don't care what happens to it. I've it gets beat up, run over (sans me) or stolen, I could care less. Something that makes sense for gravel.

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