Monday, July 21, 2008

Sun, Salsa and an old car

This past weekend was a great one. Spend the whole thing just hanging out with my family at various events. Love those kind of weekends. First, I put my 1965 Rambler Marlin in the Strathmore Fun Runners Show and Shine. My car isn't a hot rod or an incredible show car, but it is quite rare and a great driver. I figured this thing should be seen and enjoyed. Those who are automobile enthusiasts really enjoyed seeing the car and I was shocked to see people starring in the windows for several minutes, pointing out this and that. I even saw a few give me a vote for the best of the 60s. Didn't win, nor did I even think I would. I was just there for fun.

I also slapped a for sale sign on the car. I figured if there was a place to get some exposure, it was at a car show. I simply don't have time for this car, nor am I a hard-core Rambler/AMC guy. I've always wanted a classic car, and in a long sort of way, just kind of came into this car. After 3 years of not driving it enough, I thought I'd see if there was some interest out there. So far there's a bit. I think I'm gong to need to find someone who absolutely loves Ramblers and is looking specifically for a Marlin. There are less than 6000 of them still around today, so it's not like an old impala or something.

I ended up parking my car, walking around and checking out the others, and then took the boys fishing. The show was in a park in Strathmore that has a lake that is stocked with trout. We didnt' catch anything, but we had fun.

Sunday after church we headed to the Sun and Salsa festival as I mentioned earlier. Great weather. Hot, hot and not a cloud in the sky. Heaps of great Salsa to be had, unfortunately, we didn't get too much tasting in. The crowds were insane, and I really, really hate large crowds of people. That has something to do with our decision to move to a town of around 300 people. Not many large crowds where I'm from.
own Salsa. I hope to give round 1 a go the next evening or so.
Drove the Marlin to work again this morning and man does this thing get attention. A quick stop at Tim Hortons can turn into a mini history lesson in American Automobile History very quickly. And it's not my doing. I just answer the questions that are thrown out there. Good fun though.

BTW, the trunk would fit a Tikit quite nicely.


Doug said...

I think I've commented on this before Jerome. It might seem odd to some people that follow my blog. But I love cars, even though I don't own one and hope to never own one again. I have to say that Marlin is sweet. I've never seen one like it. And I have an excellent mental inventory of most every car I've ever seen that is of any interest to me. Sad you're thinking of selling it, but I understand your reasons for it.

buzz Jehle said...

Is the Marlin really for sale? a 1965 Red Marlin with a 327 was my first car and I'd kind of like to have one again. Details?