Wednesday, August 20, 2008

LHT Killer????

Well maybe not, but man am I ever glad to see this bike coming out from MASI. Should hit stores in the US beginning to mid November. I was previously eyeing up a MASI Cyclocross bike to set up for long distance commuting, but I think this Randonneur would fit the bill even better.

The Speciale CX from MASI would be a great candidate for long distance commuting but the first thing I would be doing would be changing out the STIs for bar-ends. No need with the Randonneur, it comes with bar ends! Top all that with a MASI leather saddle (looks great anyway, but a Brooks would still probably beat it) and the gorgeous paint, and this is a bike I want.
With a MSRP of only $1,145.00 and they have the LHT close to beat in my mind. I guess the LHT is still probably a better rig for major long haul touring, but I do like to see more bikes like this enter the market at an affordable price. Other than custom or semi-custom, it's hard to find bikes like this. The more that come out, the better for us, the cycling consumers.

Boy, that Volae is living in dangerous times…..


Vik said...

Clearly I am biased, but the reason the LHT has been so successful isn't the component spec or aesthetics, but the fact it rides so great. I'm not saying the new Masi won't ride well, but ultimately the proof won't be in a catalogue - it will be out on the open road.

Of course price point, component spec and paint job do play a part, but if the ride isn't sublime they won't make an average bike great.

I do have to admit the pic of the Masi touring bike is totally hot...=-)

If you are looking for a fast commuter here is an idea:

- get a Surly Cross-Check frame
- take it straight off to a customer painter and get a killer paint job that suits your tastes
- build it up with Honjo fenders & an Shimano Alfine IGH and a single chain ring up front

You'll end up with an all weather commuter that looks uber cool, is fast and won't break your budget.

Jerome said...

Yeah, I agree, if it doesn't ride right, it doesn't matter how well it looks or how cheap it is.

Interesting idea you have there Vik. My friend actually has a small body shop (one man show) and he does incredible work. I've talked to him about other projects and he would totally do up a sweet paint job. He lives right in Rockyford and his shop is just 5 kms from my house. Very interesting idea Vik. Kind of got me thinking.....

I looked at a LHT this past weekend and they are still just so sweet. The totally killer thing to me, is the spoke holders. When you see spare spoke holder braze ons on a bike, you know there has been nothing over looked.


Doug said...

I think another thing that helps the LHT it that there is a built-in dealer network. Being a subsidary of QBP means any bike shop that has an account can order a person a LHT. I don't know about Canada, but that coevers just about every bike shop in the USA. I have no idea where I could purchase a Masi?

Vik said...

BTW - Jeremy if you want to borrow my LHT for a week or two I'd be happy to let you have it for test ride purposes.

I think we are close enough in size you could at least get a feel for the bike with a stem swap.

Jerome said...

THanks Vik! That would be a great way to get a feel for the bike. I would be nice to get at least a bit of a ride on one to see how it feels.

Doug, that is nice. I know quite a few places in Canada to get a LHT, and the Masi's are distributred through Norco, so they are quite readily available. In the US, I'm not sure where you would get a masi, but I don't think they'd be too hard to find.