Monday, August 18, 2008

Long Walks in the Country

I love living in a small farming community in the middle of nowhere. Saturday morning, up and had some waffles as a family, 2 cups of coffee and then we all headed out for a nice 5 mile walk. Just because we wanted to . Beat the heat by about an hour and saw all kinds of neat bugs and birds to keep the boys entertained. Most of the time they were in the Chariot that I was pushing, but they just needed to stretch their legs. In the time that it took us to walk 5 miles (1 1/2 hrs), 3 cars passed. I love that. Not much going on, but a whole lot of living…..the good life! Everything I love is was in front of the lens of my camera for this shot (my cute little girly girl was in a snuggly wrap with my wonderful wife).

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