Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Fall Cleaning

Well, I'm going trough my inventory of bike stuff and bike crap, and it's time I rid some of it.

Every now and then I'll come across a part that is nice, or something integral to a could be project, and keep it. After years of having it, and realizing I still don't plan on starting the project that this part would be so important to. It's time to get rid of the part.

I'm starting to clear out old, nice bike parts and one by one, they'll be leaving me. I'm obviously hoping they go to good homes and get appreciated and used, but that is sometimes hard. I wish there was a network or a place where you could post a part you were looking for, and possibly find someone who had it, and see if they were interested in parts that you had and could horse trade with them.

Re-Bay is a local place that Vik started, and I think it has decent success, but limited readers/users. Also I think that most of the folks that use it, are not into older bike parts. Maybe we could get something like this going, or even build up Re-bay. It'd be cool to have a place for bike nerds to share the stuff they no longer use, with another bike nerds who have been seeking those parts.

I've started with an old Shimano 3 speed hub I've been saving for about 3 years. Even when I dug it out of the basement, I thought, hey I can build up a great little commuter bikes with this. But the reality is, I won't get around to it for a long, long time. So send it off!

I've offered many people I know parts to build up a fixie, or a decent commuter bike for free, but no one ever seems to take me up on my offer. I might try some of it on EBay, but that 's a whole pile of work. Especially for a lazy person such as myself.

If anyone knows of a place where people get together and give, take, barter parts, let me know. I'm very interested, and mostly just want the parts to see good use. If you are in need of something, email me. I might or might not have it. But if I do, I'd love to help out your project.....and clean my garage.



Brendan said...

probably a pretty big long shot, but thought it might be worth a shot. i have recently been in search of a 26" fixed wheel. got any thing of the sort laying around that you would willing to let go of for a reasonable price?

Jerome said...

Hey Brendan, sorry I don't have any true fixed hubs kicking around right now. I'll check see if I have any 26" wheels that sport a free-wheel hub (rather than the splined cassette type). If that's the case, I've threaded a track cog onto those before and followed it up with an old bottom bracket locking ring. Prior to that, just slap on a little JB Weld or Red loctite, and it shouldn't move. That's the way I built up this fixie ( it didn't move at all.

I'll check to see what I've got for free-wheel 26" wheels. In the mean time, why don't you email me. I've got BB lock-rings if you need one of those too.