Saturday, October 04, 2008

I (heart) poop

One would almost think so by the amount of it I deal with every day.

First, and nastiest, is my 3 month old puppy, Molly. She's a crap machine. If I sleep in, there's a fresh dump of something to remind me I should have been up earlier.

After that, my beautiful 3 month old daughter. I don't mind changing her diapers. She's cute and precious. We are using cloth diapers BTW. They're better for the baby and better for the environment. Contrary to popular belief, they are not all that much work. Add an uber-high efficiency front load washing machine, and we've become green parents.

Lastly, is my 2nd son. He's just turned 2 years old, and has been potty trained for 7 months now. My oldest was completely potty trained when he was 13 months old. My second son, for some reason, will regress every other week or so, and have an accident while napping.

Today was a day when all 3 of my poop sources were at high capacity. My wife just had her wisdom teeth (all 4 of them) pulled, so I am playing Mr. Mom. The dog, my girl, and my son all gave me work today. After changing the second diaper today, and after my son's nap, and after cleaning the yard because of the dog, I thought to myself,"Man, I love poop" "At least that's what most would think when they see how much of this poop I have to deal with".

I don't heart poop. I really don't like it. However, I am simply in a season of my life where I must deal with copious amounts of it. Good thing it won't last forever.

If it did, that would really be the shits.

(for obvious reasons, this was a photoless post)

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