Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The In between

There is a special time. The time between finding out of something yet to come, and the time of it's arrival.

On a large scale, it might be the time between finding out you are expecting a child, and the birth of that child. On a smaller scale it might be the time between when you place an order for pizza and the time when your door bell rings and the culinary goodness arrives.

I like the in between. I'm there now.

It is sort of a point when the decision has been made, but the consequence of that decision has not yet manifested itself.

I've ordered a bike. It's not here yet, but it's coming. While I want the bike and don't yet have it, I like the time in-between knowing that other than a dire circumstance, my bike will come to fruition. I will get that bike in a week or two.

It's nice knowing that.


Doug said...

I'm "in-between". My new bike should have been done this past weekend. Haven't heard anything new yet. The email saying, "It's done", could come at any minute. The anticipation is killing me!

Jerome said...

Ya I was thinking about your "in-between" when I was writing this. Your "in-between" is certainly a littel more exciting than mine. I can't wait to see your new bike and hear how it rides!