Tuesday, November 04, 2008

3 feet please

I received an email this morning from Joe in Tallahassee Florida, and he has started making cycling jerseys to remind motorists that cyclists need 3 feet of "safe space" while sharing the road. 3ft while passing a cyclist is currently law in 12 states. In Canada, cycling activist are lobbying local government officials to also make it law to give cyclists 3 ft of space. I think one of the biggest benefits of laws like this being passed, is simply the awareness that would be publicized to watch out for cyclist and give them the room they need.

Kudos to Joe for taking action and helping make cycling a little safer for everyone. You can order one of these spiffy jerseys at 3 Feet Please.

Laurel-Lea Shannon, editor of womenscycling.ca has taken some other useful steps (including posting about the 3 ft jersey) and has also done up a form letter that you can use to send to your local government representatives to help form laws that would keep cyclist safer while on the road. We do what we love because we love it. Why not take a little time and make your passion a little safer.


Biking Duluth said...

Those are so cool in a geeky biker sort of way, no, really though, I'm all about being seen and hey, if I can get some awareness of a safety issue at the same time, why not. Keep us posted, I'll buy one asap!

Biking Duluth said...

hey, it's early, I didn't see you can order them already. I'll go check it out.

Doug said...

A jersey might be nice in Florida, but it's not too often I wear a jersey on the outside after November 1st.

Jerome said...

Hey Jeff, I think they are getting their first shipment mid Nov. so should be available right away.

Doug, I agree. I'm thinking a nice shell with copious amounts of reflective material to mimic traffic signs would be practical.

Joe Mizereck said...

Hey Jerome. Thanks again for spreading the word about the "3 Feet Please" jerseys. Just wanted to let you know our long-sleeves are in and they look great.

Thank you,