Friday, November 21, 2008

The coolest thing I've seen in while

I was driving home last night, around 5:30 and about 1 mile from Rockyford when I saw the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. Still unconfirmed, but most likely a meteor. I was actually looking at the sky (I always look in the sky when I'm driving. I see some of the most spectacular sights up there) and I saw the whole thing.

The sky above the clouds all of a sudden became bright orange and it looked just like lightning. Except it was orange. Then the whole landscape was as bright as day light and the fire ball dropped from the sky. It had a tail of fire and smoke that must have been several kilometers long. The whole issue lasted but a few seconds, but seemed to be in slow motion.

I was incredibly lucky to be looking exactly where it happened, right before it happened, and I didn't miss a single bit of it. Wow. Incredible.

With the size and the brightness of it, I know it wasn't anything man made.

Just as soon as quickly as it started, it ended and the world was dark again.

My wife and I were gathering with some friends last night and I told them about this. They all told me to lay of the liquor at work. Now, the search for it's landing location is underway and camera's are being searched all over the area for additional footage.

What a cool way to end a day.

Here is a video from Edmonton (I was about 300kms closer than where this video was taken) that sort of shows the splendor of this event.

I had my DLSR sitting on the seat beside me, and my tripod in the trunk, but even if I was taking a night sky photo (the reason I was looking up in the first place) I think it would have been next to impossible to photograph this event. But that was the first thing that went through my mind after it happened. If only......

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