Monday, November 10, 2008

LHT spotted in Great Falls

I'm enjoying an uber long weekend right now. Sitting by the pool, recovering the mornings shopping.

Two days ago while outside of Scheels (my favorite store in Great Falls) I saw this LHT sitting patiently in the rain.

It made me think about my bike sitting patiently at home. I miss my bike.

We are having such a blast here and this little 5 night get away is just what the doctor ordered. I've sent a few emails, made a few calls, but was able to get enough done before I left (it only took 2 weeks of 14hr days) that I'm pretty much out of the picture as far as work goes. The 4 phone calls and 7 emails I've sent have been done pool side and while sipping either a Fat Tire or Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Not really not all that bad.

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