Monday, December 29, 2008

Down Time

Almost a week of no posting is quite a while for me. We've been very busy with holidays, as I'm sure most of you have. I should be back to posting more regularly soon. I'll be posting all the great bike things I received for Christmas, and a few other things as well.

All of our extended family is within 45 minutes of our house, which is nice, but also busy. Since we can pretty much get to every family gathering that is going on, we're almost expected to. We've had 5 get-togethers over the last few days, and topping that off with 4 days of skiing lessons for my oldest, boxing day shopping and we've hardly been home. Last night we were actually in our own house before 8pm. That hadn't happened for a few days. It's not going to slow down right away either. We'll be heading up to Fernie (our whole family is now outfitted with new downhill skiis!!!) to spend New Years and a few days after that. I'll be heading to Fresno for 2 days, home for one, and then off to Florida for 2.5 weeks. Yeah, things are crazy busy right now.

The thing that makes it all fun; myself, my wife and our 3 children have been together for all of it. It's so fun have multiple days in a row when we're all together. Something that just doesn't happen the rest of the year. Between work, swimming lessons, book clubs, Lions meeting, skiing lessons, we're always on the go. We do manage to eat dinner together everyday, but it's fun never being apart for days on end. Fernie and Florida will be more of the same. I can't wait!


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