Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow bike?

I'm quite certain this would trump this in the snow.

I went for a little lunch time snow ride today. I met up with the trial head 1/2 mile from my office and started to boogey. Pedaling as fast as I possibly could. Just to keep moving. Didn't always work though. In fact I was defeated more than I succeeded.

Kind of makes me wish I still had my snow bike shod with them Endomorphs. Oh well. I sold it to buy my LHT, which I certainly do not regret. I'm coming to accept I will not get every bike I want, or at least not all at the same time.

The Schwable Snow Studs are too skinny (1.9") for any amount of snow. When there is just a little skiff and mostly ice, they excel. But with the several inches we had overnight, and the gusty winds, the drifts were just too much. I was also cold. -31C with windchill. Should have covered my face.

I decided to turn back to the office and heat up some lunch. I guess it'll have to be ping pong today.....



the original big ring said...

I had a terrible ride to work today. 10+cm on the unplowed roads made for wishy washout riding all the way to work - a tough slog.

A pugsley would be nice!

Apertome said...

Hey, thanks for your comment. You'll love the LHT, it's a fantastic bike. And I don't blame you for being overprotective, this is easier for me since I have had mine a bit longer.

Jerome said...

Craig, I wish I could comment to the Pug in snow. I know the Endomorphs in mud are incredible. I couldn't get them stuck! I'm sure they would rock in the snow.

Apertome, I've poured over your blog and flickr photos of your LHT before buying mine. I'm stoked to have that bike. I can't wait to log some miles on it, and get it set up just right. Maybe next year it'll see a bit of snow, but for now, it's the baby of my bike family.


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