Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Love Socks

My favorite present I’ve ever received. These socks. My wife made them for me by hand. The fit is perfect, 100% merino wool is fantastic and the bicycles on them are great. Can they get any better?....She even spun the yarn herself. Wow.
These socks mean an incredible amount to me. Just imagine, every single strand of yarn, came in a big pile, passed delicately and precisely through her fingers, being twisted from a loose fiber, to a strong strand. Then, after making a whole whack of the yarn, She painstakingly knits the socks together with needles made of wood. 4 or 5 needles being used at any given time. I tried knitting once, but I could not imagine how to make designs, and make socks that fit like they were formed around the foot that would wear them. In very few items have I ever seen craftsmanship and quality like this. And, she did it all for me. I’ve never felt so special while wearing any garment as I do when I wear these socks. Life is good. So is my sweet Wife!


Susan said...

Jerome, there is nothing a knitter likes more than having someone appreciate the handmade gift. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy -- kind of like a merino fleece.

-- Susan

Jerome said...

Thanks Susan. It is an incredible art. My wife already told me she appreciated this post. Hmmm....seem to be positioning myself well for Valentines Day huh?? LOL.


Christopher Johnson said...

Great story. Great socks. Great wife. Great celebration of love. Made my day. Thanks.

Doug said...

Jerome,I think the Susan up above is my wife Susan. I've been wearing the wool hat she knit me all winter long. It was the first and best hat she has knit for me. I always show it to my Winter Camping classes I teach and tell them it's the warmest hat I've ever owned...and they can't go out and buy one because it was hand made by my wife.

the original big ring said...

those socks are amazing!

I love nice socks!