Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"That's the craziest thing I've seen all winter"

That's what was yelled at me by two kids walking past the lake on their way back to school. "You know it" was my reply. I headed over to the Kinsmen lake for some laps on the ice spiker. When I was in town over the weekend, I noticed that there were some gents on quads with snow blades clearing skating paths that went all over the lake. Lucky for me.
I was exhausted by the time I got to the lake. We've had about 4 inches of snow in the last 24hrs. I think that screws coming out of the tires add massive rolling resistance. It's brutal to ride this thing around town. Traction is superb though. Once on the ice, I was more than impressed. I crashed a few times, but never due to lack of traction. Just due to riding too fast into a snow bank, somehow thinking that I would casually roll up and over it. It was good.

I (heart) icebikes.


Christopher Johnson said...

I stare at the photos of you snow-cyclists in fascination. What kind of brain does it take to do that? I hope you were wearing those way-cool custom socks.

Vik said...

Cool...thanks for the snow photos...I miss my Pugsley...=-)

Jerome said...

Hey Christopher. It's a normal brain, just thourouly frozen. It's also a move out of sheer desparation. I won't say that I love riding in the snow and on ice, but I love the fact that at least it keeps me riding year 'round. Also, I save those socks for days when I won't be being mean to them. Mostly days when I'm just sitting in my office.

Jerome said...

Hey Vik, don't miss it too much. You've got some nice riding right now. I can't say I miss my endomorphs in the snow, just because I sold that snow bike too fast. I'm sure that if I were to have tried it in the snow, I'd have kept it at least until spring. With my snow bike though, chain line/tire rubbing was at critical clearance. Setting it up was a pain and I had to be so precise, or the sidewall would get chewed up. I suppose that's why Surly made the Pugs with the clearances they did huh?